Estimated Shipping Schedule

Below you will find each item and their estimated shipping date: 

All information has been updated as of April 29th 2019

!!!!! Update !!!!! Orders for trays, ladders, and marshmallow mugs are still processing- I will absolutely have them completed by Friday the 3rd! There were over 800 orders to complete & I am a one man show! Thank you SO MUCH for your patience!!!
  • Unmarked Canisters: expected to arrive to the AHD warehouse between April 18-May 15

Please note: if you pre-ordered trays or ladders on the same order as something else (like canisters) those won’t be shipping until all items have arrived to the AHD warehouse, as stated in our pre-order policies 😁 You  may email to request a split shipment quote. 

My main shipping days are Weekends & Wednesdays since I work nights on those days at my “day job” and can spend the mornings packing away! Thanks so much!