What is a preorder?

A preorder is a method of selling that allows us to raise the capital needed to order large quantities of items to ensure we are able to give you the best price we can. Our prices are mathematical predictions based on previous ordering habits, the more preorders we receive the lower the prices get over time.

How do I know if my item is a preorder?

All items that are preorders will say so in the description of each item will say when the item is expected to ship to you. Please be aware that the estimated ship date is an estimate and may vary due to customs and shipment delays. AHD is not responsible for 

Are preorders refundable/cancelable?

As of now, preorders are only refundable / may be canceled within 24 hours of purchase. We rely on preorders to make deposits and payments on our items that we order. Thus, the capital we raise from our preorders are generally spent within 2-3 days.

Do my items ship as they arrive?

Due to shipping and packing costs (shipping is a better value for the more you purchase) your entire order will ship once all items arrive to the AHD warehouse. If you'd like your items to ship separately, please complete 2 separate transactions. i.e: If all but one item arrives in September, we will not ship these items until the last item arrives.

Do you offer refunds on products that are not up to standard or arrive damaged?

We offer store credit and exchanges for items that arrive damaged. damages must be reported within 5 business days of delivery. If an item is not up to standard or flawed, a replacement or store credit can be issued, as the discretion of Andrew’s Hot Deals. Photos may be required. 

Hope this helps! Please use the Contact Us forum for any questions you may have  

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